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A whole new exciting world through the leap of discovery and adventure like you've never seen before! 
Truly embracing this little crumb we call Earth, nestled somewhere in the vast enchanting arena of the expanding universe, is about as human an endeavor as one can ever aspire for. And we believe that travelling is how you attain it.
In a world where information technology and the internet have supposedly brought us closer on paper, we have drifted away from the nucleus that makes us human. And that demands the need to embrace this planet firsthand in all its wonderment.
Our fundamental vision is to enable individuals from all walks of life to witness the beauty our world has to offer in all its essence and endearing glory.


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Our Mission

  • Through a diverse array of culturally enriched travel programs across China, our mission is to empower people to unravel the wonders and differences that make our shared human fabric truly majestic!

  • Halal China Tours is a unique caravan for the global Muslim demographic, encompassing all ages and backgrounds; providing a stimulating travel experience for the globetrotting and culture savvy explorer.

  • With a dynamic itinerary and exciting travel excursions available multiple times throughout the year - lasting from 10 to 11 days each - we offer a breathtaking visual odyssey of a lifetime! 

  • At Halal China Tours, we live and breathe the phrase “The World is Your Oyster”; while captivating you through guided tours that educate the mind, inspire the heart and touch the soul.

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